Skåne - Europe in miniature

Many places in Skåne offer views, street life, smells, tastes and colours that are more often associated with southerly latitudes. Discover for yourself just how much of a southern landscape Skåne is!

Lilla torg, Malmö
Often referred to as Malmö's Ibiza. People come to sit on outdoor terraces, enjoying the sunshine and good food and watching the world go by. "The Piazza" is a popular meeting place well into the early hours.

Möllevångstorget, Malmö
Malmö is inhabited by more than one hundred nationalities. This is characterised particularly in places such as Möllevångstorget, which is alive with a multitude of languages, food cultures and lifestyles. Here you can buy and eat food that is West Indian, Cuban, Vietnamese and much more.

Swedish Open, Båstad
You cannot help but make comparisons such as "a Swedish Saint Tropez" when visiting Båstad during the tennis weeks spanning the Catella Swedish Open and Collector Swedish Open Women. The tournaments attract not only the big tennis stars but also royalty, celebrities and Hollywood movie stars. Here you sip champagne, samba away to the Brazilian sounds on the beach and rub shoulders among the jet-set during a couple of weeks that are bathed in glitz and glamour.

Åhus is a charming town to wander around in, and when the annual Beach Handball Festival kicks off, many different nationalities come here to play on the beach and enjoy life. Did you know that Åhus is where Absolut Vodka comes from? If all goes to plan, there will be an Absolut hotel here within a couple of years ... shaped like vodka bottle, obviously!

The atmosphere throughout Österlen is reminiscent of Tuscany and Provence. The undulating landscape offers winding gravel roads, sleepy villages, cobbled streets and rolling fields. In the area numerous rurally situated farm shops, small-scale food producers, apple orchards and vineyards, and whitewashed restaurants. There are also lots of artists' studios and workshops.

A small island in the strait separating Denmark and Sweden that feels exotic by Swedish standards. Not exotic in the sense of palm trees and umbrella drinks, but more of a genuine feeling, with goats grazing peacefully in pastures alongside the little goat cheese dairy, fields that provide durum wheat used on the island to make its own pasta and the "Spirit of Hven" whisky distillery that produces whisky, vodka and gin with a taste of Ven.

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